Dick Cohen

We are living in a critical moment.

Every day, we are inundated with distressing problems: from gun violence, to catastrophic climate change, to a rise in white supremacy, crushing student loan debt, and a crisis in American healthcare.  


Now is the time for effective, progressive leadership. 

With your support, we will end complacency on these critical issues, and move forward on what matters the most to Minnesotans like you. 

It's time to act. 

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“Senator Cohen has been a strong presence throughout his time in the Minnesota Legislature. He is a dedicated public servant who approaches his work with a passion for improving the lives of all Minnesotans.”

— MN Governor Tim Walz

“State Senator Dick Cohen has proven himself to be a valuable ally at the State Capital on behalf of St. Paul residents. He produces, and we can depend on him. Please join me in supporting the re-election of Dick to the Minnesota State Senate from District 64.”

— St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter

“Senator Cohen is a hero for the arts! No legislator has fought as hard as he has for the arts in Minnesota. I am proud to support his re-election campaign, we need him in the Senate to keep fighting for us”

Sheila Smith

"Senator Dick Cohen is a proven, strong and effective advocate for clean energy, clean water and environmental protection.  Dick doesn't shrink in the face of political pressure.  Senator Cohen is uniquely positioned in senior leadership to deliver the legislative changes we need to address Climate Justice for our future."   

- Don Arnosti

"Year after year, Dick Cohen has been a consistent champion for protecting the health of Minnesota's environment. His seniority means that at the end of the session, when the final cuts and decisions are getting made, Senator Cohen is in the room advocating for our water, our climate and our great outdoors." 

 - Whitney Clark

Constituents & Community

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