Dick's Vision

Gun Control

  • Common sense gun safety legislation

  • Ban on assault rifles

  • Remove political hold of NRA

  • Mandatory background checks


  • Carbon free state by 2040 or earlier

  • General fund dollars to environment and energy committees

  • Invest in sustainable energy and away from fossil fuels

  • Protect the boundary waters area, stop PolyMet & Twin Metals mines

Campaign Finance Reform

  • Pass campaign finance reform as a test case to challenge Citizens United

  • Hold corporations and PACs accountable

  • Change the way money controls legislation at the state and national level

Racial Equity

  • More dollars for a supplemental bill that targets racial inequities

  • Empower senators and house members of color to make a difference with equity legislation

  • Reduce racial inequities through education, social programs, and investments


  • Increase access to a public option for all Minnesotans

  • Pass a single-payer healthcare system for the state of Minnesota, and inspire the same change at the national level

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State Budget & Economy

  • Balance the state budget, following an unstable and unsustainable budget passed in the previous term

  • Focus general fund dollars on programs that matter the most to Minnesotans

  • Cease the "borrow and spend" method currently being employed in the Republican controlled Senate

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Affordable Housing

  • Invest in initiatives to build affordable housing units, giving a competitive edge over luxury housing

  • Focus dollars on projects and initiatives that combat homelessness across the state

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Women's Rights

  • Pass state-level legislation that protects abortion rights given by Roe V. Wade, should the protection be removed or diminished by a future Supreme Court decision

  • Put on the ballot an Equal Rights Amendment to the state Constitution, securing equal rights and equal pay regardless of gender identity

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© 2019 Prepared and Paid for by Cohen Volunteer Committee

1613 Bohland Ave, St. Paul, MN, 55116   |   senrichardcohen64@gmail.com